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Not Without my Family Update on Monday 15th April 2019

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Naira shouts snake. Everyone hears her. Kartik holds her and asks what happened. She says snake…. and faints. Everyone comes and asks what happened. Kartik says maybe snake has bitten her, there is a snake in the house. They get worried. Manish asks them to find snake. Kartik says mark is not seen, how to know where snake has bitten her. Suwarna gets water and sprinkles. Naira gets up. Dadi asks where did snake bite you. Naira looks for mark and says maybe snake had not bitten, don’t know. Servant says there is no snake.

Naira says it was here, a big snake, go and find. Kartik recalls her drama and says enough, you can fall to any level to make me agree to you, you are doing this to make me normal. She asks will I lie to you and trouble family,

snake was really here. He asks where is the mark if it has bitten you. She says I have got scared and fainted, ask kids. Kartik says no, its your plan to send them with chits. She says trust me. He shouts enough, you are doing this to make this a big issue, you always do this, I always agree to you, but I will not hear anything against my mum, even if Lord says my mum was mentally ill, I will not believe it. They all get shocked. Kartik says she was my mum, none knows her better than me, you get that. He leaves. Naira cries.

Ananya says who puts walnuts in laddoo. Rajshri says I got this idea seeing Kartik and Naira, they are different, but they make a good pair, also Naksh and Kirti. Ananya likes the laddoo. Rajshri says they are together and different. Devyaani says if bitterness comes, it turns sweet by love. Karishma says we will call Naira home, its Teej tomorrow. Ananya says Karitk will also come. They laugh. Rajshri says its Naira’s first Teej, I wish it becomes memorable.

Kirti asks what was Kartik saying about mum. Surekha takes her. Manish scolds Naira. He says Suwarna stopped you from telling Kartik, did you do this to make Kartik away from me. Suwarna says no, she can’t think to do this. Manish says you think if everyone praises you, whatever you do will get right, you ruined everything. Akhilesh says you should have asked us once, you don’t know how Kartik reacts on hearing about his mum. Manish says don’t know how will he react. Akhilesh says I think I know where is he, come we will go to him. They leave. Dadi scolds Naira for snake bite drama. Naira says I didn’t do drama, snake was really there, you broke Kartik’s heart and also maun vrath, it was for Kirti’s married life, this will affect Teej also, see your relation, its all because of you. She goes. Suwarna hugs Naira. Servant calls out and says snake is going, see. Suwarna looks on and cries. She says I know you can’t do wrong, there will be reason behind this. Naira says it doesn’t matter, what had to happen is done. Suwarna prays.

Naksh and everyone like the basket. Bhabhimaa says its Naira’s first teej, this shagun will go to her laws. Naitik asks Naksh and Yash to go. Naksh asks what will I do there. Naitik calls him stupid. They all ask Naksh to give shagun, get Naira. Ananya says get Kirti if you want. Naksh says I won’t go, Kartik is coming, tell him to get Naira and take shagun. Rajshri asks him to go and get Kartik.

Kartik recalls Manish and Soumya’s fight. Naira cries and apologizes to Soumya’s pic. Kartik says why did you do this Naira, I trust you so much. Manish says its true, but we never told you, I didn’t wish my children to have bad effect, maybe you couldn’t bear it. She asks how did you bear Kartik’s hatred. He says Suwarna was with me, she gave me courage. Kirti hugs Suwarna and cries. Suwarna says children’s hatred can be tolerated, but not their sorrow. Kirti says I wish we could explain this to Kartik, Naira was also explaining him. Manish says no, if he doesn’t understand then, if he goes, it will be impossible to get him. Kirti asks why are you thinking such. Dadi says he will not listen to anyone. Naira comes and says please listen to me once, Kartik got annoyed and left. Naksh and Yash come and knock at the door. They keep the shagun.

Naksh talks to them via sign showing maun vrath is going on. Yash signs them about shagun. Naksh signs I will come later to take you. Naira signs them to go, she will come herself with Kartik. Naksh and Yash smile. Naksh signs her to come with Kartik. Naksh sees Kirti. She signs bye. Naksh and Yash leave. Yash says its good we didn’t talk inside. Naksh says they all looked much quiet like some tension is there, I have noticed this on Kirti and Naira’s face, Kartik is not here. Yash says maybe he went for some work, come.

Dadi asks Naira to take Kirti’s shagun to Singhanias, security guard went after Kartik, don’t worry for him, Akhilesh will get him. Naira says I will go after meeting Kartik. Dadi asks her not to trouble them more and go. Naira comes home with shagun. She sees Kartik beside her. He also gets shagun. He asks her to come.

Kartik and Naira comes to Singhania house and give shagun. Ananya teases him. He says I came here to give Kirti’s shagun. Bhabhimaa says I will make kachoris. Kartik says no, I will have some other time, I have much work to see. Yash asks do we have to send Naira with you. Kartik says I will let her be here for you all. Rajshri asks him to have sweets. She feeds laddoo to Kartik and Naira. Ananya says its your combination, walnut and laddoo. Kartik asks Naira to take care and leaves. Naira runs after him and asks him to have water, and listen to her once. She asks him not to be annoyed. She cries and says you know me better than myself, you think I will do something that hurts you, listen to me. He asks do you stay calm when its about Akshara, why areyou expecting this from me, I didn’t come to talk this.

She says you will understand if…. He asks did you understand me, you do what you find right, when I told you about my mum, how did you accept their lie that my mum was mad, you just care for your impression than my feelings. She says its our first Teej tomorrow, will you come. He says I have nothing in hand, and goes. She cries. Lagta hai….plays…. Dadi and Suwarna argue. Suwarna asks why is Naira blamed always, we all are equally responsible for this, its first mistake is, we have hidden this till now. Manish says you are saying as if we had an option. Suwarna says second mistake, we gave Soumya’s cupboard keys to Naira, we should have told her entire truth, but we suppressed truth like always, maybe we should have not given the keys, its everyone’s mistake else none’s. She goes.

Naksh asks Naira is everything fine. She says yes. He says you came to spend time with Kartik by excuse of water, when is he coming again. She asks how many times are you going and smiles. He asks is everything fine, sure. She says yes, everyone is happy.
Kartik comes home. Suwarna looks on. He sees her and gets upset. She says you claim to love Naira, you don’t understand love’s foundation is trust. He asks her to mind her own business. She says I had to say, Naira is getting punished without mistake. He says sometimes friend who supports enemy also becomes enemy, if Naira worries for you and Manish, she can throw me from her heart. She asks how can you think this. He says you both can do anything, what you both did with my mum, I will never forget it, Naira can be great and can forgive, she can give another chance, but not me, she has to choose between you guys or me. She cries. Manish says she won’t need to choose anyone, we both want you two to be happy, we know how you feel without Naira, end this matter, you can hate us. Kartik says I already do, I will always hate you, don’t forget this ever. Dadi looks on.

Kartik cries and sees Soumya’s pic. Kirti comes and says Naira didn’t lie, you got angry on her, snake has really come. He says I m not angry on that thing. She says you are angry on mum’s matter, whatever Naira said…. He says I don’t want to talk. She says she was my mum too. He asks her not to force him.
Naira gets mehendi applied. She sees Kartik’s name and cries. Naitik and Naksh come to her and ask what happened. Ananya asks are you missing Kartik. Naira says I get emotional thinking I got a husband like Kartik, he loves me so much. Rajshri says you scared us. Naitik says yes. Naira hugs Naitik.

Dadi asks Manish and Suwarna to be away from Kartik, don’t know what will happen in Teej. She goes. Suwarna says we should tell this to Kartik. Manish says I didn’t bear his hatred to increase it. She says we have to end this matter, even if it hurts us, we have to cure the wound. She explains him and says its my duty to stand with my children, I m sure they will understand us, we have spent years in fear. He says none will tell anyone, I promised Soumya and I will not break it. He goes. She gets some keys and says I will do what I can.
Naira sees the decorations. Dadi guides Kirti. Rajshri asks Naitik did he do all this. Bau ji says you all do work always, can’t we do this, even Vishwamber contributed. Naksh says you should thank Kartik. Naitik says it was his idea. Ananya says Naira is lucky. Karishma says yes, Kartik loves you a lot. Ananya says he might have hidden around, go and check in room. Naitik says yes, like he used to meet in garden before marriage. They laugh. Naksh asks them to eat food well. He teases Naira.

The women sit to have food. Maid says Kartik has made food for you all. Kirti says he never forgets his promise even in anger, I m sure he will meet Naira, their Teej shouldn’t spoil. Suwarna thinks I will support children by going against my family this time. Naitik sees Akshara’s pic. Naira misses Kartik. Kartik misses her. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage….plays…. They keep the food. They imagine each other. Kartik says I saw a dream last Teej, I thought to celebrate Teej together this time. She says sorry, give me a chance to explain. He says I don’t want to talk. She asks how will you understand. He says you were not here. She says just listen to me once. They convince each other for having food. Yeh rishta kya……plays….. They eat food. Suwarna looks for Kartik. She asks servants about Kartik and worries. Manish asks what happened. Suwarna says Kartik is not at home. Manish recalls her words. He asks why did you go to his room. She hides the keys.

Surekha says maybe she went to see if he had food, Kartik made food for us in Sargi, maybe she went to thank him. Suwarna says yes. Servant says Kartik is not here. Akhilesh checks his location and says his phone is at home. Suwarna says so sorry, I forgot to know, his phone is in room. Servant says a car is not here, back gate is open. Dadi asks Suwarna to call Naira and ask about Kartik.

Naira feels restless. Suwarna calls her and asks did Kartik come to meet you. Naira says no, did he say he is coming here. Suwarna says no. Naira asks is everything fine, is he not at home. Suwarna says don’t worry, he will come soon. Kartik drives in anger. Akhilesh says how to find Kartik, his phone is here. A man asks Kartik to give lift, his wife has kept Teej fast, he has to reach home on time. Kartik asks him to sit. The man thanks him. Kartik says you will reach on time and break fast with your wife. The man looks at his ring, wallet… and messages someone to be ready, he got a rich guy trapped.

Naira calls Suwarna. Suwarna says I can’t answer more. Akhilesh answers. Naira asks about Kartik. Akhilesh says he is fine, he is with security, don’t tell anyone at home, everyone will worry. He ends call and says I had to lie. Naira prays for Kartik. The man asks Kartik to have biscuit, its tasty. Kartik says no thanks. The man says you got angry, I was just saying. Kartik says sorry. Naira gets ready. Chukar gayi….plays…. She cries missing Kartik.

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