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Madhubala Episode 366 Update on Monday 26th November 2018

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Part 1 .
Madhu recollects childhood memory of watching Adha Sach .. Mehuls biggest hit…and says its her fave after Mr. India.. n that he always has a small role in every movie of his!
Mehul says. honesty is great but it irritates as well ..7.5 mins left
Madhu says.. had to come.. and have faith..that if he supports them.. all will be well … ! She says.. if RK and Mehul unite.. they will create something nice and unique..! Smile
Mehul says ..this seems to be her hope.. but does RK have faith? Madhu stammers! Mehul says.. RK is of new gen.. why would he want to work with an old gen director? He says.. i was a Director. i know how to sell lies.. so dun lie!
Mehul says.. this industry din reject me. .nor ban me.. I Left it … coz it was era of foolish superstars.. who believe in ruling a false world… only target of 100Crs ..all forgot ..movies were to be made. .not sold..!
He tells Madhu .movie making is an art.. a dream ..with open eyes.. but no point telling her..!He teases Madhu about not understanding his movies or movies in general..! He says… does she know what cutter is? He says i quit . .u quit too …!
Madhu says … dunno much but understand it. i was born on a movie set..where life started with lights started… name was given by a famous actor… family runs on industry … !!
Madhu says.

. lots changed. .but what did he do? Quit!! Easy to ignore dirt .. but difficult to clean …! She says. .movie flopped and he ran.. why din he fight? Hubby is losing but fighting n m with him in the fight..! Din come for barter/ trade. .but came to a man whose movie impressed me as a kid! UR not a maker.. ur a loser..!
She says DP is my support. .who gave light on my first breath.. cutter to give shadow but for me it was my moms labor room … thanks for the time..! Madhu walks off ..RK comes and Madhu stunned to see him..! He asks if Mehul insulted her? She says. .sorry.. tried a lot..shouldnt have come! The duo leave from there!!NEXT EPISODE

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